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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Health Certificate for your dog

Some people also bring the family dog on trips. This could be to the beach or across state. When the person decides to bring this to another country, there are certain restrictions that must be worked on.

One of the things that the person must get is the right carriage to transport the dog on the trip.

Aside from the cage, the person must have a dog health certificate since the pet may carry into the country certain diseases which may affect people or other animals. Those that don’t will have to be quarantined for 4 days before being allowed in.

If the traveler is entering the United States and custom agents have found the dog to be unsafe, this will have to be returned back or destroyed. The owner of the pet will also have to shoulder the expenses during the stay at the impounding area.

How does this work? The people in charge will first check for any visible signs of disease. Should the dog looks like it is ill, a licensed vet will do a more extensive examination.

Another concern is the threat of rabies. The dog should be given a shot 30 days before entering the United States. This rule however does not apply to puppies less than 6 months of age since these are considered to be free of rabies according to the U.S. Public Health Service.

The health certificate should be written in English and must have the date of when the dog was given the shot including the name and license of the vet who administered the shot. Should no date of expiration be mentioned, this is still valid as long as it is not less than a year when this was given.

On the other hand, if this has not been given, this has to be done not more than 4 days after the arrival in the United States. The dog will still have to be quarantined for another 30 days after this was completed to make sure that the animal is safe.

If the dog was given less than 30 days before arriving in the United States, the animal will also have to be quarantined for a month in a customs facility. After three months, puppies that were not given a rabies shot can already get one but should be quarantined for a month.

The health certificate for dogs also applies to other animals that are brought into the United States. The restrictions of other countries may be different and some do not even allow an animal to be quarantined since this may affect the ecosystem.

Before the person decides to bring the dog to any country, it will be a good idea to check on the requirements to avoid the hassle and trouble of having the dog placed in customs and paying for the costs while it is there.

The person can check on the customs regulations of that country on the internet or ask the travel agent who might know someone who can answer these queries.

The health certificate of the dog is a requirement especially if the traveler is from overseas. Rules are in place so that the animal doesn’t pose a danger or bring in a new disease that can affect the lives of many.


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