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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wheelchair for your Handicapped Dog

If you think about wheelchairs, the first thing that strikes to your mind are disabled persons. Better think again. If your favorite dog is disabled due to an accident or breed related joint ailments, getting a dog wheelchair is the answer.

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs, like humans, are very social animals. Dogs can be counted on for their loyalty to the owner and serves as a companion. So, what can be really saddening is when something happens to your dog.

It is not uncommon for elderly, injured, or disabled dog to lose their back and front mobility. For this situation, this does not need to be the end of a dog’s life. A dog cart or maybe a dog wheelchair can bring the dog’s life better again as it can result to a wholesome and healthy life.

These are the common reasons why dogs need wheelchairs:

•           Hip Dysplacia

•           Disc disease

•           Ruptured discs

•           Spinal cord injuries

•           Fractured back

•           Arthritis

•           Chronic leg weakness

•           Front and back leg amputation

•           Paralysis

•           Neurological disease

•           Limb paralysis

If one of these affects your dog, especially the overall mobility performance, there is now an easy way and affordable solution to finally help your dog to move around just like before. You can now be at ease in seeing your dog in better shape despite suffering from illnesses or ailments. With a dog wheelchair you too can have the time to enjoy playing with your pet again either indoors or outdoors.

In finding the right dog wheelchair or cart for your disabled dog, you must buy the perfect one to fit the condition for there are different kinds of dog wheelchairs available in the market today. Is your dog having a back or front problem? Different wheelchairs and carts support the back, front, or all four legs. Dog wheelchairs are designed for specific conditions; these include stirrups, training wheels, counterbalanced carts, and counterweights for amputees.

There are many dog wheelchair designs made by manufactures with the advantage of proving the effectiveness to handicapped dogs. The right way to understand dog wheelchairs is to properly examine to how it is to be used by the animal. For in some dog wheelchairs, the dog wears a harness that is attached with its clips framed to the cart. In another way, the dog sits on the saddle.

How to purchase a dog wheelchair:

1.         Measure your dog- once you finally chose which type of wheelchair you want, complete the entire owner/dog questionnaire and measurement chart for the manufacturer’s design.

2.         If you want to order, go personally to the manufacturer’s office. If you want to order online make it sure you know the procedure and the cost which will usually be displayed on the website.

3.         If there are problems with your order, directly discuss it to the manufacturer. Sometimes, before you order, they will ask for information or photos regarding the case your dog is experiencing.

4.         After finally purchasing your desired wheelchair and your dog is wearing it, give your pet time to adjust to their new condition.

Finally, helping your dog become what they used to be is very important factor that you should consider. Make sure what you want for your dog meets your expectations. Bringing your dog to their usefulness is what you really ask for.



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