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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nutrition For Puppies

Article copied with permission:

When you bring the new puppy home, the first thing you will want to do is feed him. What kind of food do you use? What are his nutritional requirements? Will he like what you give him? Make sure your vet is involved in his diet planning.

Make sure the dog's food is healthy and tasty. Try to find something for the stage of life he is in. For example, if he is a puppy, buy him puppy food. Decide on what you are going to feed him before you bring him home. This prevents last minute decisions that might not be healthy for your pet.

Dry food is quite popular. It is easy to store and usually tastes great. It is also good for helping keep the teeth clean.

Soft and moist food are great for your dog to eat because he will eat most of the food and get the added nutrition.

Canned food have the highest water content. These also contain less nutrition, so you may need to feed your dog more than usual to equal out the nutrition they may need.

Look at the levels of vitamins and crude materials on the label. Is there enough fat, protein, calories and other nutrients? Is the food tasty and is the price too expensive? These are things to consider when buying puppy food.

If your dog becomes finicky and will only eat certain things, this is sometimes due to change in diet. Allow the dog time to adjust. If he still won't eat, try a new food. If he still doesn't cooperate, you may need to take him to the vet for a checkup to make sure nothing is wrong.

Some people feed their dogs from the table. This is like in between meal snacking and kills th dog's appetite for when it is time for him to eat his food. Avoid feeding the dog off the table.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Johnson Pet Door - relief for your pooch

An article I found about Johnson Pet Doors - Charlie

I used to work just 10 minutes away from home. As you can imagine, this was very convenient for many different reasons -- not the least of which was being able to stop by during my lunch hour in order to let my dog outside for a walk. This arrangement was great, and I never had to worry about coming home to an unpleasant "surprise" left by him. However, when I was transferred to a different office location, I had to find an different solution for my dog, who had become quite accustomed to his midday outing. After thoughtful consideration, I decided to purchase a Johnson pet door.

Johnson pet doors are considered by many to be the best in the business, so there never really was a question of getting a different brand. I spent a lot of time reading consumer reviews online and saw many positive comments from satisfied Johnson pet door owners. The wide variety of styles and colors, the ease of installation, and the safety features were some of the key points that were praised over and over again.

Once I decided which Johnson pet door I wanted, I went to the store to get one. Unfortunately, I hadn't looked at the prices when I was reading reviews online, so I experienced a bit of sticker shock when I saw how much money I would have to spend. Since my budget was pretty limited at the time, I had no choice but to delay my purchase.

But then got the idea to look for my Johnson pet door on the Internet. I didn't think of this option at first because the product is so big and bulky that I figured it would be easier to just get it from a store. I checked out a few websites and saw that shipping expenses wouldn't be as much as I expected. Plus, the prices these websites were offering for Johnson pet doors were absolutely incredible! Even with shipping charges, I would be saving at least 15% off the prices I saw at local stores. And by ordering online, I wouldn't have to struggle with trying to load my new Johnson pet door into my car.

I've had my Johnson pet door installed for several weeks now, and it is working great. Now I don't have to rush home from work right away, and I can even enjoy longer outings on the weekends. My dog seems to enjoy his new found freedom as well. All in all, I'm not exaggerating when I say that my Johnson pet door has been one of the best and smartest purchases I've ever made!


Get your Johnson pet door here (search for pet door):

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lighted Dog Collars For Safety

Some items that are designed for safety end up being so amusing that it’s easy to forget that they are a safety item and begin to treat it like a toy. Things that come to mind include glow sticks, reflectors placed on clothing in an outline of bizarre pictures that light up when a headlight is shined on them, and the current favorite in our household: the lighted dog collar.

I wish I knew who came up with the idea that a dog should wear a collar around its neck with bulbs that light up like a Christmas tree. I realize it originated as a safety precaution, but in the dark out in the yard at night, especially on a black dog, a lighted dog collar can be a very amusing spectacle. It’s almost as good as the night we discovered that we could break open glow sticks, put silly designs all over our cats' bodies and then let them run around in the neighborhood. It’s really a jolting image to see a fluorescent smiley face traveling at full speed close to the ground across a dark parking lot.

The first time I saw a dog wearing a lighted dog collar I was on the beach at night and I saw what looked like a glowing line running along the beach toward the water. I thought I was hallucinating until I looked closer and realized that the glowing line was attached to a dog’s neck. Right there, I was convinced that every dog should wear a lighted collar at night because it looks so cool. The very next day we went to the store and bought our pet a lighted dog collar of his very own.

Our dog freaked out the first time we fitted him with his lighted dog collar and let him run around the yard in the dark. He acted as though something was chasing him, and he kept trying to bite at his own neck. It was kind of like watching a cat chase its own tail. After a while he got used to the lighted dog collar and stopped noticing it. It was then that the real fun began. We would play fetch with him by tossing a glowing frisbee across the yard for him to catch. We sat on the deck and laughed each time the dog caught the frisbee and ran it back to us with his whole head practically glowing (from the combination of the glowing frisbee in his mouth and the lighted dog collar on his neck). We eventually grew tired of laughing at our dog, and went in for the night. Now we only break out the lighted dog collar when we have company, and we let them marvel in the freaky magnificence.

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